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Yesterday two rather large boxes arrived. My partner said one was big enough to put a body in which, given her previously stated views on how the house wasn’t big enough for the telescope and all of us, sounded rather ominous. However I’m quite tall and have a BMI the size of the national debt so felt she probably wouldn’t have the time to do anything about it.

Although the instructions said assembly was easy it involved the use of tools which is usually a sure indication I’ll be hurting myself at some point in the near future. There were lots of nuts and bolts and even a couple of springs but, for once, it did all go together in a fairly straightforward manner and I was able to avoid a trip to Yeovil hospital. The telescope is indeed big.

The trickiest part of the whole procedure was aligning the view finder (it shines a red dot where you want to look). The instructions said you needed to point the telescope at something a quarter of a mile away and it was best to do this in daylight. Given the position of our house the only location where it was possible to point it at something so far away was through a window upstairs. Transporting your shiny, new, rather expensive, much longed for and (did I mention) very big telescope up a flight of stairs so soon in its life is very traumatic. And back down again too! I managed though and even got the scope aligned (with the top of a tree).

All I need now is a clear night or two – doesn’t look likely for a while!


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