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First viewing

After three cloudy English nights we were off on holiday to an old farmhouse in France. We’ve been there before and in August the nights are clear and very very dark; a perfect place for watching the sky. A week of amazing observing awaited.

One thing I did notice though is that there isn’t enough room in my car for the telescope and my children. On this occasion they weren’t coming with me but this could cause difficulties in the future. I’m sure they’ll understand.

So, all excited about the dark skies, and having successfully got a big long black tube through customs without incident, guess how much time I got to use my lovely new telescope? About 30 minutes, in a brief break in the clouds, that’s how much. And it was almost a full moon too, so it wasn’t that dark. But I did look at the moon a fair bit and it was amazing to see it in so much detail, and I got an idea of how great it’s going to be when I can use it properly.


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