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Possible aurora sightings

Received from the BAA today 14.7.12


At 1700 UT on July 12 the large sunspot area AR1520 produced an X1.4 class
solar flare travelling in the general direction of the Earth. The latest
forecast of the arrival time of the front of the expanding coronal mass
ejection (CME) is for it to have reached the Earth around 0917 UT on July 14
and strong auroral displays are forecast for the nights of July 14 and 15
visible from far northerly and southerly latitudes. Ultraviolet and X-ray
images of the sunspot region and its associated flare are available at:


A remarkable video of this X-class flare captured by the Solar Dynamics
Observatory can be seen at:


Current predictions are for the newly energised auroral arc to be visible
low on the horizon from Scotland. There is a possibility though that an
auroral display will be visible to UK observers further south.


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