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June meeting. Sundial materials.

Hello everyone,

Here are the materials to bring to our sundial talk and workshop at our June meeting on Wednesday 19th June.  If you can’t get hold of something just bring what you can as I’m sure we can share stuff. Should be good fun as well as being instructive. See you there.

The evening will consist of a short presentation on “How Sundials
Work” followed by a workshop where members/visitors can construct a
Diptych consisting two sundial faces (horizontal and vertical).

The equipment needed to draw out the sundial faces:
Pencil (plus sharpener if possible)
Pair of compasses
A4 paper, at least two sheets

To construct the Diptych, people will need:
Cardboard from a cereal packet (or something similar)
String, wool or thread to act as the gnomon and cast the shadow
Implement such as a paper clip that has been straightened to make
holes in the cardboard to thread the wool / string through
Pritt type glue
Sticky tape such as Cellotape
and for the deluxe version – a button, which the wool / string can
be threaded through.


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