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February meeting

Another great turn out! Keep this up and we’ll be looking for an even bigger venue. Just joking!!

Great talk by Len Telford on imaging the Moon. The striking thing was how well he put across just¬† how much of interest there is to capture on the moon’s surface. Time to have a go at doing some lunar imaging ourselves perhaps. Thanks Len. Thanks too to Bob Mizon for his ‘Object of the month’, Hind’s Crimson star R Leporis. That ‘drop of blood in the sky’ would be great to see.

Don’t know what to say about Bud doing the raffle using his fancy random number generator on his ipad, but at least it does save some time not having to fold loads of tickets. :-)

Thanks to Arthur for his March sky notes and to Zena and those that helped with catering duties. The kitchen volunteers made a big difference.

We extend our sympathies to Bill Reed for going so stir crazy with the recent weather that he ended up having to create his own nebulae to image. The Monkey Face, Red Haired Man and Smokey nebulae were awesome.¬† Those’ joss stick’ nebulae were a total hoot. Clear skies Bill, and a swift recovery.

Next month Bud Budzynski will be giving his talk ‘Pixel perfect’. Don’t take the title too literally though, as I believe there may be a surprise in store. Can’t wait!



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