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July 2014 meeting

This month it was ‘Ask the experts’. Our panel of ‘volunteer’ experts¬† Bob Mizon, Jerry Workman, Bud Budzinski and Bill Reed did a great job. They couldn’t have anticipated the range of questions though.
Imaging, astrobiology, exo-planets, space exploration and the meaning of life, barely covers it. Thanks to the panel for sharing their combined wisdom.
Thanks too, to Bob and Arthur for their ‘Object of the month’ and ‘Monthly Sky notes’ presentations. Bill Reed shared some excellent images of M13 and M51 and I threw in an image of the ISS with flapping wings crossing the disk of the sun. (They really ought to get it fixed). :-)

As he promised, Bill has produced a sheet giving clear, detailed¬† instructions on the hardware, software and method for the radio tracking of meteors on a budget. These are available from Bill at the next meeting for .50p, proceeds to the Campaign for Dark Skies. If you’d like a copy before the next meeting please contact me.

As usual, Zena and the refreshment crew did us proud and thanks go to them for their hard work.

Don’t forget the South West Astronomy Fair at the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Sidmouth on 9th August where we’ll be having a stand. It starts at 9.30 am



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