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November 2015 meeting

Not sure how to describe this meeting except to say that we were toyed with by a gang of gremlins bent on mischief and mayhem.  The sheer variety of the glitches were a wonder to behold and must have broken some sort of record.

Thankfully, members  were all able to present their short talks which were much appreciated by the audience.

Nigel’s space news was a great hit and the video he took of a rocket launch and its atmospheric after effects was spectacular. Bob shared a trip to the amazing observatory at the Pic du Midi. Ron’s contribution was images of the Saturnian system taken by the Galileo spacecraft on its Solstice Mission (and a couple of fakes). Bud’s short talk was his excellent ‘live’ video tour of the moon in remarkable detail.

Bill shared his superb image of M42 recently taken with H alpha filtering and Ron showed some  solar images partly as a reminder that the sun sill exists.

To round off the evening, Bob presented his ‘Object of the month’ Andromeda, followed by Arthur with Taurus, his chosen ‘Constellation of the month’.

It was an informative, varied, full (and eventful) evening. Frustrating at times maybe, but with many humourous moments and it certainly will go down in the folklore of CADAS.

Many thanks to our speakers and to Zena and her ‘catering department.’ Thanks also to all who helped during the evening with setting up, clearing away and so on. Special thanks to Bill our IT technician for the evening who was kept busy – and awake. :-)

Next month, Steve Tonkin will be discussing the mystery of the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ and we will be having our Christmas Social. This is always an enjoyable evening, so come along and bring a bite and or a drink to share.


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