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May ’16 meeting

What an enjoyable meeting! Just what we needed to cheer us up after the disappointment of missing the Mercury transit due to that appalling weather. At least Bill Read (of course) managed to grab an image of sorts which he shared with us. Thanks Bill.

A warm welcome to Mike Kuntz. Hope you enjoyed the meeting Mike, and we look forward to seeing you again.

Bob Mizon’s APOD presentation was not only wide-ranging but presented in Bob’s inimitable style chock full of facts and anecdotes and the images were eye-popping.

Thanks to Arthur Davis for his Skynotes and the ramble through Virgo his ‘Constellation of the month’ with its many and  varied objects.

Ron had H-alpha images of prominences and recent sunspots, managed to catch a flare in action and also caught the ISS transiting the sun.

If you ever wondered about the lengths to which a keen imager would go, Pete Adshead’s account of one of his imaging sessions ‘out in the field’ was a lesson in being  methodical, persistent, and certainly hardy. Pete’s was an instructive and entertaining tale. Thanks Pete.

Bill Read shared his unique image of Mercury in transit. A triumph of persistence and sharp reflexes. The only image any of us managed. Bill also showed some excellent deep sky images including a superb recent one of ‘The Wall’ in the North American Nebula.

Bud Budzynski illustrated with his images of Jupiter just what difficult sky conditions we were experiencing. Those of us who try to do some imaging know exactly what he meant.

Many thanks to all who helped with setting up and clearing away and special thanks to Zena, Richard and Annabelle for the refreshments (those chocolate thingies were delicious). Thanks too, to those who helped with washing up.

Next month will be ‘Ask the experts evening’ so have your questions handy.


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