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June16 meeting

Great June meeting! Tim Smith shared his experience of imaging the aurora earlier this year and what an informative and spectacular presentation it was. As they say, “it drew gasps from the crowd”.
Thanks for that Tim.

Arthur Davis’ constellation of the month was Lyra and Bob Mizon explored Cygnus as his Object of the Month.
Ron and Pete shared pictures of our trip to meet and hear Buzz Aldrin and of the day at the Misterton Fete on 12th June including a startling drawing of a rocket entered in the space picture competition for children judged by Lorna and Pete. This also ‘drew gasps from the crowd’ and it’s a mystery why it didn’t win. :-)

We were delighted to have our friend James Fradgley visit and join the panel of experts along with Bud and Bob to answer questions  on many topics from the meeting.

As usual, many thanks to Zena and her helpers and to the stalwarts for volunteering in the kitchen.

Next month James Fradgley will be with us again in July to talk about Discs around Stars and Galaxies. No need to say this is one not to miss so see you there.


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