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July ’16 meeting.

It was good to meet our visitors Gordon, Jan, Ryan and Mark. Hope they enjoyed the evening and that they visit again.

Many thanks to our main speaker and long- time friend, James Fradgley for so ably taking us through the mysteries of the formation of disc structures and their various effects. James guided us well from sticky dust grains to supernovae, black holes and other exotic objects.  It’s clear that angular momentum has a lot to answer for! James’ short quiz on the relative sizes of some solar system objects caused a lot of head scratching and was a nice way to round off the evening.

Arthur Davis concentrated on the constellation of Pegasus for his monthly sky notes  and alerted us to a bright Iridium flare which many were able spot during our break even in the relatively bright evening sky.

Ron and Bill then shared some or their recent solar images. The sun had been very quiet but has begun to show some activity of late.

Iain baked us 3 great cakes which were hugely enjoyed and went in a flash. Thanks Iain, your skill and generosity was much appreciated!

Thanks too to Zena and her kitchen helpers. Our break time is an important part of the evening.

Next month Chris Starr, Chairman of Wells and Mendip Astronomers will be speaking about the Dawn mission to Ceres. Hope you can make it.

Hope we see you at the Southwest AstroFair at the Norman Lockyer Observatory on13th August and here’s hoping for clear skies for the Perseids on 12/13. (There could be some bleary eyes at AstroFair).


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