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December meeting

What a great ‘Christmas Social’ meeting. The first part  was kicked off with Bob ‘Santa’ Mizon’s  excellent quiz.  To give a flavour of the wide range of questions, various answers included Beyoncé, Nipper, Neptune, the Parthenon, Bill Bailey, Isaac Newton, Cassini, and Jocelyn Bell-Burnell. This quiz was a head-scratcher!

Bob was followed by Pete Adshead who reviewed his year of observing which he illustrated with his images. Bill Read followed with his own images and a vivid illustration of the problems of trying to image with the newly installed LED street lights in his area. They are a complete pain!!

Bud Budzynski shared some of his superb, recently shot lunar images. Truly excellent quality.

Lorna Duff again produced our superb CADAS calendar for members.  Our thanks to Lorna for a brilliant  job.

Then it was time to tuck in. Members had brought a host of goodies and the rest of the evening was taken up doing the feast justice and enjoying a good chat.  Not that we didn’t have time to regale a somewhat shocked- looking Bill Read with a ‘melodious’ rendition of  ‘Happy Birthday’.  For me, the look on his face was one of the highlights of the evening.

At our next meeting on January 17th, apart from our regular slots, the main talk will be by Bob Mizon whose topic will be ‘The Pole Stars of Other Planets’.  No need to say we’re in for a treat!

Look forward to seeing you.


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