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Restarting Meetings

As we start to emerge from lockdown, we’re starting to think about how and when meetings should re-start.  I’ve done a little bit of opinion canvassing and would like to extend this to more of the membership.

At the moment, I’m thinking that we’d probably restart in the early autumn (when everyone has had their 2nd vaccine shot).  However, I’m aware that some people would continue to be concerned and I want to gauge people’s views.  The lack of wi-fi at the hall at the moment rather limits our ability to do “hybrid” on-line meetings (and there would be a cost to that).

I have a few e-mail addresses but nothing like the whole membership (something to be remedied when we do restart methinks!).  If anyone wants to be included in this “consultation” then please e-mail me at the address on the home page.  If you’ve already contacted me, then I have your address.


Terry Evans



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