Title Author/Publisher/(Comments) Library Reference
3001 The Final Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke CADAS 087
Against The Fall Of Night Arthur C. Clarke CADAS 084
Annular and Solar Eclipses of 2003 NASA (Pub) 2002 CADAS 15
Arthur C. Clarke, Primary and Secondary Bibliography Samuelson, D. CADAS 093
Arthur C. Clarke, The Authorised Biography McAleer, N CADAS 083
Arthur C. Clarke’s Chronicals of The Strange and
Arthur C. Clarke CADAS 091
Are we alone in the cosmos? Bova, B. Preiss, B 1999 CADAS 36
Astronomical Telescopes and Observatories Lancaster-Brown 1973 CADAS 61
Astounding Days. The Science Fictional Autobiography Arthur C. Clarke CADAS 092
Astronomy Lancaster-Brown CADAS 13
Astronomy Moore, P (Basic introduction
to astronomy)
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Astrophotography Little, R. 1985 CADAS 57
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The Case for Mars Zubrin, R (How human exploration of Mars could be achieved)
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Changing Views of The Universe Ronan, Colin A. CADAS 100
Childhood’s End Arthur C. Clarke CADAS 097
City and the Stars/Sands of Mars, The Arthur C. Clarke CADAS 085
Choosing a Telescope or Binoculars Scargell, R 2002 CADAS 32
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Cosmic Coincidences Gribbin,J. Rees,M.1991 CADAS 60
Cosmos Sagan, C (A wide ranging view. Considered by some to be a
classic) 1980
Cycles of Fire Hartmann, W. K. Miller, R. CADAS 114
Earthmind Devereux, P. et. al. (Tuning
in to GAIA Theory)
Electronic Projects In Photography Penfold R, Penfold J
Newnes 1981
Exploring The Galaxies Mitton, S. CADAS 104
Exploring the Universe Young, L (Basic introduction
to Astronomy/ Cosmology ) 1973
The Encyclopaedia of Space Travel and Astronomy Man, J. (2 copies held) CADAS 07 (1985), CADAS 42 (1979)
Exploring Space Couper, H 1980 (2 copies held) CADAS 46, 67
The Far Planets Time Life Books (pub) 1989 (lavishly illustrated) CADAS 21
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Federation of Astronomical Societies Newsletter Issue 71 Potter, C. (ed) Winter 2002 CADAS 19
Fires Within Murray, J. CADAS 121
The Focal Guide to Home Processing Jacobson R , Focal Press 1982 CADAS 69
The Focal Guide to Filters Renolds C, Focal Press 1981 CADAS 70
The Focal Guide to Exposure Lynch D, Focal Press 1981 CADAS 71
The Focal Guide to Enlarging Spitzing G, Focal Press 1981 CADAS 72
Frontiers Issue 10 PPARC 2001 CADAS 76
Frontiers Issue 13 PPARC 2002 CADAS 77
Frontiers Issue 15 PPARC 2003 CADAS 78
The future of space exploration. Scientific American (pub) 1999 CADAS 54
Geography from Space Barrett, E. 1972 CADAS 49
Ghost from the Grand Banks/Deep Range, The Arthur C. Clarke CADAS 086
The Glow in the Dark Night Sky Book Hatchett,C (Fun for the younger reader) 1989 CADAS 09
Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds Clarke, Arthur,C 1999 CADAS 10
Handbook for
telescope making.
Howard,N, E 1962 CADAS 04
Goodwin, S CADAS 095
Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Astronomy Man, L. (ed) 1989 CADAS 41
Imperial Earth Arthur C. Clarke CADAS 096
In search of Shrodinger’s Cat Gribbin, J (Quantum Physics and reality) 1987 CADAS 47
Life Science Accomplishments ? CADAS 111
Light of Other Days, The Arthur C. Clarke CADAS 088
Lunar Atlas Eberhardt, P 1969. CADAS 20
Man and Space Arthur C. Clarke CADAS 119
Man’s View of the Universe Lyttleton, R.A. CADAS 110
Modern Cosmology Singh, J. CADAS 107
Monitoring Earth Resources form Aircraft and Space ? CADAS 108
Moonshadow Manners,T. 1999 CADAS 55
The Near Planets Time Life, (eds) (Lavishly illustrated) CADAS 06
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The Practical Astronomer Ronan,C. (A hands on book of projects for the budding
astronomer.) 1981
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illustrated) 1976
Skylab Summerlin, Lee B. CADAS 112
Skylab EREP Investigations Summary ? CADAS 116
Skylab Explores The Earth ? CADAS 117
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Snows of Olympus, The Clarke, Arthur C. CADAS 80
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The Giant Leap Berry, A CADAS 81
The Stars Couper, H. Henblest, N 1988 CADAS 44
Time’s Eye Arthur C. Clarke, S. Baxter CADAS 089
Stars and Space Moore, P (Introduction to astronomy/cosmology ) 1960 CADAS 05
Step by step Astrophotography Johnson,R 1998 CADAS 30
Telescope House Catalogue 2003 BCF 2003 CADAS 35
Trigger, The Arthur C. Clarke CADAS 090
Using a telescope Williams,T 1998 CADAS 31
Telescopes Maloney,T. CADAS 106
The Red Limit Ferris, T. CADAS 105
The Story of Astronomy Moore, P 1972 CADAS 62
The Universe and
the Earth.
Ardley, N. Ridpath,I Harben,P (Introduction to astronomy )2
copies 1978
CADAS 08 (1978) CADAS 63 (1979)
The Young Astronomer’s Companion Fea,K. CADAS 109
Total Solar Eclipse of 2006 March 29 Espenak F, Anderson J NASA 2004 CADAS 79
UK Space Index 1999 BNSC CADAS 99
Universe in focus. Clark, S 1997 (General astronomy) CADAS 03
Viking Mission Statement Bulletin NASA (Pub) 1978 (Of historical interest. ) CADAS 16
Voyager Encounters Jupiter NASA (Pub) 1979 (Of historical interest.) CADAS 17
We Reach The Moon Wilford, J 1969 CADAS 40


CADAS Library Catalogue Multimedia format Library Reference
Clear skies CD ROM (Windows/Mac) CADAS 24
The Magic of the Solar System (UCL) Diego F. 1998 Videotape CADAS 34
Discover Astronomy (VNU Business Pub. 2001) CD ROM (Windows) CADAS 27
Nine Worlds (Mindscape) CD ROM (Windows/Mac) CADAS 25
The Red Planet Mars (Alpha DVD) DVD ( 2 copies) CADAS 26,28
Redshift 3 Version 3.1 CD ROM (Windows) CADAS 22
Redshift 5 (Maris Multimedia) CD ROM (Windows) CADAS 74
Seven Days in Space (1989) Videotape CADAS 66
Window on the Universe Part 1 (Sunday Times) 2001 CD ROM (Windows/Mac) CADAS 23
Window on the Universe Part 2 (Sunday Times) 2001 CD ROM (Windows/Mac) CADAS 64