New Horizons Pluto flyby

14 July, 2015

The BBC will be screening a special Sky At Night programme called Pluto Revealed on Monday 20 July, which will recap all the big moments from the New Horizons flyby.

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9 July, 2015

Look out for the fly -by of dwarf planet Pluto by  New Horizons in 4 days.

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July ’15 Sky Notes

28 June, 2015

July 15 Skynotes

Pallas track

Pluto track



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June meeting

19 June, 2015

It was good to welcome our visitors including the Winch family.
Unfortunately, our scheduled speaker Gemma Lavender wasn’t able to make it to the meeting but Bob Mizon kindly offered to fill in. Bob’s talk on Bangs, Wimps and Branes certainly made us think.  However despite Bob’s best efforts, whether we’re any nearer knowing what was there at the beginning – whenever that was – and what will happen at the end – if there is one, remained an open question. Many thanks to Bob for a great talk as usual. Bob also did his ‘object of the month’ presentation followed by Arthur Davis’ sky notes. We finished with some excellent images from Bill Reed.

We’re hoping that Gemma can make it next month and any news will be posted on the site.

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Programme change!

15 June, 2015

Sadly, our scheduled speaker Gemma Lavender can’t make it to our meeting on Wednesday. Instead, Bob Mizon and James Fradgley  have kindly agreed to fill in. Gemma will be with us at a future date.

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June2015 Sky notes

5 June, 2015

June 2015 sky notes

June 2015 sky chart

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May meeting

24 May, 2015

Many thanks to Chris Bowden for sharing his many eclipse chasing adventures with us. As Chris said, nothing compares the the spectacle of a total solar eclipse and travel to see one often gives  the opportunity to see and experience a whole lot more.

In addition to Chris’ talk, Bob Mizon treated us to a variety of ‘objects of the month’ and Arthur Davis presented his Monthly Sky Notes.

Bill Reed and Ron Westmaas shared the images they’d taken since the last meeting.
CADAS will have a stand at the South West Astronomy Fair on 8 August.

Next month Gemma Lavender will be giving a talk on ‘Antarctic Astrophysics’ so wrap up warm.

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May meeting

17 May, 2015

Don’t miss Chris Bowden’s talk ‘Eclipses I have known’ . This will be at our next meeting 7.30 pm on 20th May. See you there.


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May 15 Sky notes

2 May, 2015

May Sky notes

May Sky chart

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April meeting

16 April, 2015

It was good to welcome our visitors! Hope you enjoyed the meeting,

We actually managed to get outside for some observing and having some fun watching and imaging the ISS as it went over. It was a laugh watching Lorna’s excitement when she discovered that she’d caught the ISS for the first time on her new fancy camera. Nice one Lorna. Meanwhile Bill’s all sky camera was picking up all sorts.
Before all that though, there was Bud’s ‘Back to basics’ talk which was entertaining as well as instructive. This was followed by Arthur’s sky notes for May. We had to wait until the viewing session was over before being treated to Bob Mizon’s ‘Object of the month’ Hydra; needless to say, the wait was well worthwhile!

Thanks to all contributors and to Zena and her merry band for yet again providing our monthly feast. Thanks too to the sweeper uppers who valiantly cleared all the grass we had tramped in to the hall from the field. Great job.
Next month’s talk is on eclipses. Should be a good one!


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