December meeting

22 December, 2016

CADAS December 2016

A bitter- sweet meeting.

This meeting was tinged with sadness following the sudden unexpected recent death of our Secretary and good friend Mike Holland. Mike was a founder member of CADAS. A minutes’ silence was held to remember Mike and his family. Mike will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Bob Mizon ‘s ‘object of the month’ was beta Tauri on the border of Auriga and Taurus in the direction of the galactic anticentre  and also known as  Al Nath (or the various other variations of that name).

Pete Adshed shared some of his trials and tribulations of imaging without an observatory on freezing nights.  However he also demonstrated how he found objects using setting circles and with the help of the software and shared some of his excellent results.

The quality of Bill Reed’s images continues to improve and impress. His latest Christmas Tree, Horsehead and Orion Nebulae were superb as was the Andromeda Galaxy he ‘just shot whilst waiting for Orion to get high enough’.

Arthur Davis concentrated on Cancer as his ‘constellation of the month’, identifying the clusters  M44 and M67 as excellent binocular objects to view. He also identified Ceres as an object to observe.

We then broke for festive eats and drinks and what a lot there was to eat and drink! Thanks to everyone for contributing and especially those who cooked and baked. It was quite a spread and it was nice to have the extra time to chat amongst ourselves.

Very many thanks to Lorna for producing our brilliant CADAS calendar for 2017. If you are a member and haven’t collected yours (free), please see Bud at the next meeting.

The meeting ended with Annabelle giving a short talk on Georges Remi (Hergé)

Next month on January 18th we have members short talks on ‘Celestial motion’. We need you to come up with a quick five to 10 minute chat about movement ‘out there’.







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Mike’s funeral arrangements.

18 December, 2016

Mike’s funeral service will take place at St John’s Church, Yeovil at 12.30 pm on Friday 23rd December followed by interment at Yeovil Crematorium. If you are able to attend please do.

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Sad and shocking news

8 December, 2016

Mike Holland died suddenly at home on Monday.5th December. No further news.

CADAS sends its sympathy and condolences to Tracey and the Holland family. Mike will be a great loss to all who knew this lovely man.

Mike doing what he loved.

Mike doing what he loved.

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December ’16 Night Sky notes. (Adrian Zelonka)

30 November, 2016

Adrian’s December 2016 Night Sky


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December ’16 Sky Notes (Arthur Davis)

December ’16 Sky Notes

December ’16.Skychart

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November ’16 meeting

17 November, 2016

Again it was nice to welcome some visitors.

It was great to see so many at the meeting to enjoy Sheri Lynn Karl’s presentation on solar observation and imaging. Sheri used her excellent images in white light, H-Alpha and Calcium K to show just how much there is to see at different depths on the always – changing sun. Although some of the imaging equipment can be fairly expensive, observing and imaging in white light is not and is well worth it as Sheri clearly showed.  Great talk. Thanks Sheri!

Arthur Davis chose Perseus for his constellation for December and kindly made copies of his sky notes for the month available.

Bob Mizon gave a short presentation on Aurorae in addition to his ‘Object(s) of the month’ talk on interesting objects to be found in and around Canis Majoris. Many thanks to both Arthur and Bob.

Bud Budzynski showed some superb close up images of the moon taken with two different cameras so that we could compare the quality differences.  There was no doubt his new (secret) camera was the better one.

Iain Torrance’s cakes were as usual superb.  If he keeps this up we’ll just have to abandon the astronomy stuff and just spend the time stuffing ourselves..

Thanks to all who helped in setting up and clearing away so quickly and especially Zena and Annabella for managing the goodies.

Next month is our Christmas Social so no main speaker, but members’ short talks. How about contributing a quick 5/10 minute item.

Please bring a few nibbles and/or drinks to share as we celebrate another great year.

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Adrian Zielonka’s November ’16 Notes and news.

30 October, 2016

Many thanks for this information Adrian!

Adrian’s November notes and news.

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November ’16 Sky Notes

November ’16 Skynotes

November ’16 Skychart

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October ’16 meeting

20 October, 2016

How many CADAS members does it take to dry a cup?

How many CADAS members does it take to dry a cup?

Our topic ‘Starting out in astronomy’ gave an opportunity for Bob Mizon, Bill Reed, Arthur Davis, Ron Westmaas and Bud Martin Budzynski to share their experiences of how they first got hooked. And a varied lot of experiences they were, from wartime blackouts, lonely bedrooms, rooftop hideaways. to destroyer decks and jungle clearings. Seems you can get hooked on astronomy in all sorts of places.

The common theme was of being inspired by seeing a really dark sky without equipment before moving to binoculars of a simple scope. Bob stressed the advantages of a Dobsonian. It was also important to seek the advice of more experienced astronomers before plunging ahead with more complicated and expensive kit.

It was heartening to see the kitchen so full of helpers in Zena’s absence. Whether or not this had anything to do with the threat of ’no more cake’ or else, I’ll leave you to judge. Suffice to say that the record for helpers was broken by a long way. Thanks to all for a great job but it better not be the last time. :-)

After the break and raffle, Arthur Davis presented Pegasus as his constellation of the month. This was followed by Bob Mizon’s object of the month slot and Bob also shared some information on the recent Dark Sky (ALAN 2016) Conference held in Romania which he attended. (Beware Blue-white LED lighting).

Bill Reed and Martyn Spice  shared their images and it was particularly good to see Jan Wrightson’s shots taken at COAA as it was the first time she’s been able to show us what she can do. Due to a ‘technical glitch’ Ron was unable to show his shots.

As ever, thanks to all for setting up and clearing away so quickly. It’s starting to be an impressively slick operation.

It was a well attended meeting with 39 signing in. Perhaps we can get to the 40s for the November 16th one when an old friend of CADAS, Sheri-Lynn Karl, will be sharing with us how she images the sun.

Hope to see you there – and  packing out the kitchen again.

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October ’16 Sky Notes and Sky Chart

3 October, 2016

October ’16Sky Notes

October’16 Sky Chart

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