Season’s greetings

24 December, 2014

Here’s wishing you all the best for the season and a healthy and happy New Year.

May 2015 bring you clear, dark skies.


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December meeting

18 December, 2014

Was this the best Christmas Social meeting ever? Probably! Thanks to all who contributed and special thanks to Zena and those who helped with the catering and the aftermath of all that guzzling of goodies.

It was good to welcome as a guest Barry Fitzgerald from Bridport AS. We’ll be looking at forming links with them in the new year.

After Arthur’s sky notes, there were short contributions from Bob with his ‘Object of the month’, Adrian, Bud, Bill , Annabelle and myself. Well, half a contribution from me, as I  couldn’t get my movie of Geminid captures to run. At least Bill’s worked (naturally), so nothing much was missed.

So, another successful year for CADAS and our first year in the Village Hall in Norton. It turned out to be a good move as the venue suits us very well.

I have heard next month’s speaker and can guarantee a great presentation on Exoplanet Atmospheres. Don’t miss this one!

Here’s wishing everyone all the best for the season and a healthy and happy New Year!


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15 December, 2014

A clear night for the Geminids! Hope you managed to see a few. It was a good show from where I was in deepest darkest Somerset.


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2014 December Sky notes

1 December, 2014

December 2014 Sky notes

December 2014 Sky chart

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Our November meeting

21 November, 2014

What a great evening that was! Robin Catchpole’s thought- provoking presentation was superb. Are we alone?  Can we ever know? What are the implications of a yes or no answer. How much does that matter? Many thanks to Robin for making the long trip from Cambridge and thanks to Bob Mizon for finding us another great speaker.

A warm welcome to first time visitors Ron Dinsdale, David Halsall and Charles Freebury. And it’s always nice to welcome James Fradgley when he visits.

Thanks to Arthur for his monthly sky-notes and our usual thanks to Zena and all who helped with the all- important refreshments. Is it my imagination or are the cakes even tastier

Thanks too to Bob Mizon for his ‘object of the month’ presentation.

Bud shared some great lunar images and Bill had us all viewing his 3D moon through our red/blue glasses. Nice work Bill. Speaking of which, many thanks to Richard Harbord for obtaining a stock of 3D viewers for us to use. Bill also shared some of his images (including one of a smoke filled fireworks night sky which did nothing for his imaging efforts). I had a few solar images and Bill and I showed some radar capture images from the recent Leonid meteor shower.

Next month is our Christmas social and there will be short talks by members. So bring along a few nibbles and a short 5 minute talk on anything you choose (just as long as its not too high brow and technical).

And clear skies for the Geminids in mid December.


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November meeting

13 November, 2014

Just a reminder that at our meeting on 19 November Robin Catchpole will be presenting.

‘Are we alone?’  Don’t miss it!

Remember to bring those red/blue 3D glasses as Bill has an interesting image to share.

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2015 Programme

29 October, 2014

Our programme for 2015 can now be found on the ‘Events’ page.

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November Sky notes

November sky notes

November Skychart

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October meeting

17 October, 2014

First and foremost, it was great to have Bob Mizon back with us after his successful surgery! Welcome back Bob from us all!! And thanks for a great talk on what has been achieved so far (a lot ! ), and the future of the campaign to improve our night skies.

Thanks to Arthur Davis for an excellent ‘monthly sky notes’ presentation and for the hard copies.
David Pickles’ image of the Andromeda galaxy was stunning. It was well worth the effort Dave.
Once again Bill Reed’s images were superb. The Snowball Nebula and Uranus and its moons were outstanding. Thanks Bill.
And don’t forget to bring any red-blue 3D glasses you have. Bill has an  interesting image to show us.

Next month we have an excellent speaker in Robin Catchpole the title of whose talk is,’Are we alone?
Can’t wait to find out!!

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3D Moon

11 October, 2014

If you have the blue red 3D goggles/glasses bring them to the October meeting so you can view an image of the moon i`ve done in 3D

see you all there


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