Good link to the Cassini mission.

12 February, 2017

The Cassini Mission

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Ash Primary School 8 Feb ’17

9 February, 2017

Great evening with over 100 children and parents at Ash Primary School last night. We had 4 scopes on the go so the queues were not too long. Bud, Ken, Jan, Chris and Ron had a good time too.

Despite a lot of cloud, we had great views of Venus, Mars, and the moon and  were treated to a bright overhead pass of the ISS which caused much excitement.
Thanks to the Chair of the PTA Jenny Bridge for inviting us and for the welcome drinks and snacks.

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Adrian Zielonka’s February notes

26 January, 2017

Night Sky February 2017



Comet 45P Honda- Mrkos-Pajduskova - 11th at 8:00pm

Comet 45P Honda- Mrkos-Pajduskova - 11th at 8:00pm

Comet C/2015 V2 Johnson - 11th at 8:00pm

Comet C/2015 V2 Johnson - 11th at 8:00pm

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Arrhur Davis’ February 2017 Sky notes and Sky chart

23 January, 2017

February 2017 Sky Notes

February 2017 Skychart

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January 2017 meeting

19 January, 2017

We had a great start to our year with this meeting. We welcomed several guests and it was good to help some of them get to grips with their telescopes.

Bob, Pete, Ron and Bill gave short talks on the theme of  ‘How it moves’.  Just to give a flavour of what was covered, topics included along the way, the relative motion of stars, the meaning of sidereal time, the discovery of exo-planets by the induced motion of their stars, and the use of the relatively new Polemaster to  counteract the movement of the earth when imaging.  We were left in no doubt that we live on a constantly wobbling and twitching planet amongst a sea of moving objects.

After the break, Bob presented his object(s) of the month in the constellation Monoceros and Arthur concentrated on the constellation Auriga.

Pete, Jan, Gordon and Bill finished off an enjoyable evening with some of their excellent images. Jan’s first deep sky shot taken of the Andromeda Galaxy using a 150-600 Sigma lens was really impressive.

Many thanks to all for helping set up and clear away and especially to Zena, Annabelle and Mike and the kitchen volunteers who did a great job.

At our next meeting on February 15th, Graham Bryant’s talk will be ‘Pluto; from myth to discovery and New Horizons.

Look forward to seeing you then.

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Blue rich LEDs

8 January, 2017

Here’s a link to an interesting article about a legal ruling in the US against the use of blue rich LED lighting. Might it have implications for the Uk?

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Adrian Zielonka’s January notes.

5 January, 2017

Night Sky January 2017

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New Year Greetings!

29 December, 2016


May your skies be  still, dark, cloud free and transparent in 2017

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January 2017 Sky notes and Sky chart

January 2017 Sky notes

January 2017 Sky chart

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A brief cometary note from Adrian Zielonka.

25 December, 2016

Comet 45Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova should begin to come visible with binoculars in the evening sky to the right of Venus. It’s currently at magnitude 9. It’s at perihelion (closest to the sun) on Dec 31st at a distance of 0.533 AU.

It should get much brighter than it is though comets are unpredictable though we do get  a lot closer to it. Its current distance from us is 0.959 AU (Dec19). On the 31st it will be 0.703 AU from us. It will be at its closest to us on Feb10th at a distance of 0.084 AU in the constellation of Hercules.

(1.0 AU = 93million miles)

This evening at 5:00pm the comet will approximately be 10degrees to the right of Venus and 7degrees lower.

Each evening this month at the same time it will increase it’s distance towards the setting Sun.


See for further details.

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