February ’15 meeting.

19 February, 2015

First, it was great to welcome so many new visitors. Thanks for coming along and we hope to see you again next time.

Our own home grown speaker Bill Reed’s talk on the solar system was just the ticket and it’s clear we’ve found another media star in the making. Thanks Bill, great talk and a revision session that was greatly enjoyed.

Thanks too, to Arthur Davis for his monthly sky notes for March. These will be on our website near the end of this month.

Well done to Earnest Staines for making the parallelogram mount for his ‘bins. Great job.Thanks for the pictures Earnest. No more stiff necks for you, then. :-)

As usual we ended with members’ images and a hilarious video of an amazing flying machine/rocket  which defies description.

Next month, Bob Mizon’s talk will be ’7 Moons’. Which ones will he choose? Come along to find out.

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CADAS membership

15 February, 2015

Don’t forget to support us by renewing your membership at our next meeting on Wednesday 20th Feb. Still only £18 per year!

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Sherborne Learning Centre

14 February, 2015

Had a great evening talking stars at Sherborne Learning Centre on Thursday 12th. Thanks for asking us along!


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February 2015 Skynotes

24 January, 2015

February 2015 Skynotes

February 2015 Sky chart

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CADAS at Yetminster Guides

Thanks to Yetminster Guides for inviting us to meet them. Mike Holland spent an enjoyable  evening doing an astronomy session with a group of 24 Guides on Thursday 22 January. Clouds were a nuisance, but Mike will return with his telescope when there is a clear evening forecast.

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CADAS at Redstart School

23 January, 2015

Great evening at Redstart School, Chard 22Jan. Almost 100 children and parents came to their astronomy/space evening. Clouds spoiled most of the views, but Nick Colthorpe still managed to show some lucky people Jupiter and for a time there was a good thin crescent moon and Venus on view. I did mini-sessions on the birth and life of stars. Enjoyable evening!


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Great January meeting

22 January, 2015

Well, Hannah Wakeford @StellarPlanet certainly did the biz last night!  Excellent presentation on planetary atmospheres and the search for exo-planets with which she’s involved at Uni of Exeter. Naturally, the issue of the requirements for life ‘out there’ and the forms it might take got explored. Thanks Hannah!

Good to see so many at the meeting and thanks as usual go to our ‘catering department’ and helpers. Zena’s cakes are a treat.

Thanks to Bob Mizon for his Object(s) of the month. Coma Berenices is certainly worth exploring. As usual, Bill Reed blew us away his images of Jupiter, comet Lovejoy, not forgetting the Horse head Nebula taken ‘just for something to do’. Huh?

Arthur’s February sky notes and diagram will be posted a little nearer the end of this month. Thanks for the monthly skynotes Arthur.

Next month Bill Reed is ‘doing’ the planets so see you there.

Clear skies


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Next meeting

20 January, 2015

Don’t miss Hannah Wakeford’s ‘Exoplanets’ talk at our meeting on Wednesday 21st Jan. We’ll be getting the very latest on these distant objects from someone working in this field. She’s a great speaker too…I’ve heard her.


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Beagle 2 found

16 January, 2015

Images show Beagle2 on Mars. Apparently some of the petals didn’t deploy on landing causing the lack of communication. It got there though!!

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CADAS at Wells

11 January, 2015

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