A full August meeting.

18 August, 2016

A warm evening and an a warm welcome to our visitors and our main speaker Chris Starr, Chairman of Wells and Mendip Astronomers. In an excellent presentation Chris took us back to the origins of the solar system and explored some of the ideas of how we’ve ended up with the composition and arrangement of our planets as they are today. Chris also described the impressive Dawn mission to Vesta and Ceres and what this is telling us about the early solar system.

Bob Mizon took us to France and described his find of a large lump of breccia (impact altered rock) a sample of which he brought to the meeting for us to examine.

The break that followed allowed us to again enjoy Iain Torrance’s amazing cakes whilst we chatted among ourselves about astronomy and just about everything else.

Following the break we had time to enjoy the many images of Perseid meteors taken by Bill Reed and Martyn Spice. Bill also shared his excellent recent images of the Cocoon and Veil nebulae and Adrian Owen described his observation of the ISS occulting a star.

Because of the full programme, Arthur Davis was unable to present Monthly Sky Notes but this will return next month.

Many thanks to Zena and Annabelle and those who ‘volunteered’ for washing up duty, setting up for the meeting  and clearing up at the end. We’d be stuck without you.

Philip Perkins will be our speaker on September 21. His provisional topic is Deep Sky imaging.

Could anyone interested in attending the film ‘Last man on the Moon’ at Wells Town Hall in October please let me know as soon as you can so I can pass this on to Chris.

See you in September,

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CADAS at SW Astro Fair

15 August, 2016

We had a stand at the Norman Lockyer Observatory South West Astronomy Fair on Saturday 13th August. It was an enjoyable day with lots of interest shown in our images.

CADAS display at SW Astronomy Fair

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Read Geoff Kirby’s book.

2 August, 2016

Dear Ron,

Earlier this year I published my astronomical memoirs as a 600 page book entitled “An Amateur Astronomer’s Life: Seven Decades Of Enthusiasm For The Heavens”.

Although available as a paperback through Amazon I have decided to make it also available as a free download to reach a larger audience.

It can be downloaded from http://www.geoffkirby.co.uk/Books/Astronomy/astronomy.html

I hope you and your members will find my book instructive, amusing and enjoyable and I would be grateful if you can pass on this information to CADAS members.

Best wishes and clear dark skies!

Geoff Kirby

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July ’16 meeting.

21 July, 2016

It was good to meet our visitors Gordon, Jan, Ryan and Mark. Hope they enjoyed the evening and that they visit again.

Many thanks to our main speaker and long- time friend, James Fradgley for so ably taking us through the mysteries of the formation of disc structures and their various effects. James guided us well from sticky dust grains to supernovae, black holes and other exotic objects.  It’s clear that angular momentum has a lot to answer for! James’ short quiz on the relative sizes of some solar system objects caused a lot of head scratching and was a nice way to round off the evening.

Arthur Davis concentrated on the constellation of Pegasus for his monthly sky notes  and alerted us to a bright Iridium flare which many were able spot during our break even in the relatively bright evening sky.

Ron and Bill then shared some or their recent solar images. The sun had been very quiet but has begun to show some activity of late.

Iain baked us 3 great cakes which were hugely enjoyed and went in a flash. Thanks Iain, your skill and generosity was much appreciated!

Thanks too to Zena and her kitchen helpers. Our break time is an important part of the evening.

Next month Chris Starr, Chairman of Wells and Mendip Astronomers will be speaking about the Dawn mission to Ceres. Hope you can make it.

Hope we see you at the Southwest AstroFair at the Norman Lockyer Observatory on13th August and here’s hoping for clear skies for the Perseids on 12/13. (There could be some bleary eyes at AstroFair).

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July ’16 Sky notes

26 June, 2016

July ’16 Sky notes

July ’16 Sky chart

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June16 meeting

16 June, 2016

Great June meeting! Tim Smith shared his experience of imaging the aurora earlier this year and what an informative and spectacular presentation it was. As they say, “it drew gasps from the crowd”.
Thanks for that Tim.

Arthur Davis’ constellation of the month was Lyra and Bob Mizon explored Cygnus as his Object of the Month.
Ron and Pete shared pictures of our trip to meet and hear Buzz Aldrin and of the day at the Misterton Fete on 12th June including a startling drawing of a rocket entered in the space picture competition for children judged by Lorna and Pete. This also ‘drew gasps from the crowd’ and it’s a mystery why it didn’t win. :-)

We were delighted to have our friend James Fradgley visit and join the panel of experts along with Bud and Bob to answer questions  on many topics from the meeting.

As usual, many thanks to Zena and her helpers and to the stalwarts for volunteering in the kitchen.

Next month James Fradgley will be with us again in July to talk about Discs around Stars and Galaxies. No need to say this is one not to miss so see you there.

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13 June, 2016

We, and heavy showers, were at Misterton Fete on Sunday 12th. The sun didn’t attend. Despite this, a good time was had by all and the CADAS stand attracted a lot of attention. We chatted to loads of people and made some useful contacts with local schools. Lorna and Pete were asked to judge the childrens’ painting competition and survived the experience. It was a difficult task!

Go here for Pete Adshead’s video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udxu13H-nDo



CADAS at Misterton

CADAS at Misterton





Bud with visitors

Bud with visitors

Pete and Lorna judging

Pete and Lorna judging

CADAS stand

CADAS stand



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Megan with Buzz Aldrin

5 June, 2016

Megan our youngest member and her  mum with Buzz Aldrin. Buzz was keen to shake Megan’s hand when he learned that she plans to be an aeronautical engineer. Mum got to shake his hand too and is over the … no, I won’t say it. :-)


Megan and mum with Buzz Aldrin

Megan and mum with Buzz Aldrin



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CADAS at Marston Magna

CADAS  were at Marston Magna  Fete on Saturday 4th June. Young Alex obviously enjoyed himself. :-)

Alex at Marston Magna Fete

Alex at Marston Magna Fete



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Buzz Aldrin

The Buzz Aldrin event and book signing at The Forum, Bath on 3th June was enjoyed by the CADASians who managed to get tickets.

Lorna is reported not to have washed her hand since shaking Buzz Aldrin’s. Wonder if he washed his! :-)


Lorna's big moment with Buzz Aldrin

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