Society for the History of Astronomy Spring Conference

5 March, 2016

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February meeting

18 February, 2016

We had a near record turnout for our February meeting and welcomed several new members and visitors. We were able to get our AGM out of the way quickly so we could get to Bud Budzynski’s excellent talk ‘A life on Mars’. Bud raised a whole lot of interesting issues for us to consider and I got the impression from the discussion afterwards that not many of us would fancy making the trip any time soon.  Leave it to robotics was the consensus.

Thanks to Alan Hall for producing those attractive planet information sheets for us. They proved very popular. If you didn’t get yours, some should be available at the next meeting.

After the break, Arthur Davis presented his Sky notes for March and Bob Mizon followed with his ‘ Object of the month’.

The evening ended with some recent solar images from Ron.

Many thanks to everyone for helping with setting up and putting away and especially those who helped in the kitchen. We couldn’t manage without you!

The Redstart School event will start at 6.30 on  Thursday 17th March. If you can bring a ‘scope, please let Ron know. The more of us the merrier.  Address is Redstart School, Redstart Road, Chard, TA20 1SD

Next month our speaker will be Chris Starr, Chairman of Wells and Mendip Astronomers whose talk will be ‘Dawn of the Solar System’. Not to be missed, so we look forward to seeing you there.

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Raffle prizes please!

16 February, 2016

The Commission for Dark Skies is seeking prizes for its Draw at the BAA Winchester Weekend on April 1-3.
If any member can help please see Bob Mizon at tomorrow’s meeting.

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CADAS at Stargazing Live, Wells

23 January, 2016

We were at Wells Museum as part of the Wells and Mendip Astronomers Stargazing Live event on 16 January ’16

CADAS at Wells Museum

CADAS at Wells Museum

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CADAS at Churchill School, Langford.

CADAS at Churchill School, Langford

CADAS at Churchill School, Langford

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Chilton Cantelo School

Stargazing Live at Chilton Cantelo School

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Feburary ’16 Sky notes

February ’16 Sky notes

February ’16 Sky chart

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January 2016 meeting

21 January, 2016

After a clear day we had hoped to be able to get some viewing done but in an act of cruel timing the clouds appeared  -again.

Nevertheless what an enjoyable meeting! Welcome to Alan and Kevin and it was good to see Megan and her mum Sue again. It was just about a full house.

Thanks to James Fradgley for his excellent three ‘mini talks’. The  first was on the so called ‘Goldilocks’  or habitable zones which are clearly more variable  than first meet the eye! The beasts of Wolf-Rayert stars and the beauties of Planetary Nebulae made up the trio. Great stuff, James.

Bob Mizon’s object(s) of the the month discussion was on the possible relationships between globular clusters and dwarf galaxies. Did they or did they not have something going between them back along…

After the break. Arthur Davis presented his sky notes for February and these will be found on our website. This was followed by Bud, Martin and Bill who shared some excellent images. Bill’s comet Catalina, Bud’s image of Copernicus and Martin’s excellent shots of the night sky from ‘down under’ were outstanding. Who would have guessed we’d see images of a kangaroo, a horse’s head and fireworks within a space of 5 minutes. Don’t ask!  :-)

Many thanks to Zena and  Annabelle for the refreshments and to Lorna and Claire for helping them.

Thanks to all who helped make it such good meeting. Next month Bud’s talk will be ‘A life on Mars’. (I’d no idea, but Bud is full of surprises).

If you didn’t get to renew your subscription this month, you can do it in February. See you then.

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Stargazing Live

18 January, 2016

On 16th January, CADAS joined with  Wells and District Astronomers and Somerset Levels Stargazers for an event held on Well Cathedral Green and in Wells Museum. There was a great turnout and some good views despite variable cloud. A good time was had by all!

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Chilton Cantelo School

Mike, Pete, Bud, Paul, Nigel and Ron worked with Jo Richardson (Space Detectives/ESERO-Space Ambassador) at Chilton Cantelo School, Yeovil on Thursday 14th Jan. A wonderfully clear night meant the the many children, parents and staff were able to get great views through our telescopes.  Much interest was also shown in our astro images and meteorites. This was a most successful evening which followed a day when Jo worked with the children on space/astronomy.

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